Using the Fertility Planner: Revision #1

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Using the Fertility Planner

The Fertility Planner is another feature that sets Taking Charge of Your Fertility Software apart from other fertility identification methods.  Unlike an ovulation test and electronic fertility monitor the Fertility Planner projects in advance when you will be fertile and when ovulation is likely, displaying this information clearly in the Calendar.  It also lets you target a delivery date and shows you the likelihood of hitting that date based upon your own cycle history.

An Overview of the Fertility Planner
The Fertility Planner has a number of features which lets you evaluate the likelihood of achieving pregnancy, project your due date should you be pregnant, project menstruation and fertile times for multiple cycles into the future, and target a delivery date and the dates intercourse is required to reach that date.  It does it using the following tabbed functions:
* Cycle Forecasting:  This tab lets you project menstruation, fertility and ovulation for multiple cycles into the future for planning purposes.  This information may be displayed in the Calendar.* Intercourse Tab:  This tab shows each day you engaged in intercourse during the selected cycle and the conception chances for each day.
* Pregnancy Status Tab:  This tab shows the pregnancy prediction made by TCOYF for the selected cycle as well as your confirmation of this prediction.  It also shows what the due date would be should pregnancy occur during it.
* Delivery Planning:  This tab lets you pick a desired delivery date in the future and then shows you the closest you can get to this date based upon your own cycle history.  It also shows you those days you need to engage in intercourse to reach this date.  This information may optionally be displayed in the Calendar, as well.