Ovusoft Message Board Use Policy

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Ovusoft Message Board Use Policy

The Ovusoft web site, its forums, chat rooms, and online charts are intended solely for informational and peer supportive purposes and are not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or consultation. Individuals with medical, mental or personal issues are strongly urged to seek advice from appropriate medical professionals. Members of the Ovusoft Community are not professionals and cannot give professional advice, diagnose, prescribe, or in any way treat any type of medical disorders.

The personal posts and stories found within our forums are authored by individual members and any information a user chooses to share online will remain unless it is found to be in specific violation of the Terms of Service Agreement or Forum Courtesies. Members of the Ovusoft Message Boards may also offer links to other sites and resources. Ovusoft does not bear any responsibility for or endorse the content of posts, links and/or resources.

Ovusoft Administration reserves the right to amend this policy, without notice, at any time.

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