Ovulated on CD98/99 and BFP!!

Ovulated on CD98/99 and BFP!!
posted by LadyShawzy
Mon, Mar 5 2012

So I am still in shock as you can imagine! I was told it was going to take a long time to conceive our first baby with such irregular cycles! With such a long cycle and never knowing whether I ovulate I bought TCOYF book and started temping. Then I found a fertility reflexologist who visted me on CD96 - THAT MADE ME OVULATE!!! :) I was so excited to see and feel all the signs but thought we had missed our chances when dtd but apparently not!! :) Can't believe I got my first ever BFP on Saturday!!! From looking at my chart ladies - do you think I ovulated cd 98 or 99? As missed temp on 98 so not sure? So would conception been from dtd on 96 or 100?! Thank you looking at my chart - Ladyshawzy from England x


grace10209 wrote re: Ovulated on CD98/99 and BFP!!
on Sat, May 5 2012 5:11 AM

wow congrats, i dont know but im thinking it was cd100 because thats when you got the positive opk. CONGRATS - do you really think the reflexologist worked? so she made you ovulate??? you saw them on cd96 and then you did? ????? HOW CRAZY!!!!!!  did you tell him/her you were on cd96 and waiting to  O? and how did you know they made you ovulate?? or did you just know when you got the positive opk?

im on cd60 so im excited to hear some hope............