Cycle 2

Cycle 2
posted by haunani
Fri, Feb 3 2012

2nd cycle after having Paragard IUD removed. 2nd cycle in a row with an 8 day luteal phase. Taking herbs to help with possible LPD.


Mrs_FitChick wrote re: Cycle 2
on Fri, Feb 3 2012 11:36 AM

Are you supplementing with progesterone cream? That would be beneficial to short LPs. And for my own information, Paraguard doesn't have artificial hormones... so I didn't think that would mess with a woman's natural hormone cycle?

novas wrote re: Cycle 2
on Fri, Feb 3 2012 9:45 PM

i'd also wonder about the possibility of O on CD22 with a 2DPO fallback rise ... making it a 10day LP (if you started your period.)  It doesn't match up with your OPKs, but it might be a possibility.  

Either way - best of luck to you.  :)  Hope things even out for you and your cycle after your IUD.