Low progesterone diagnosed

Low progesterone diagnosed
posted by carrie2930
Wed, Aug 17 2011

I love to look at other people's charts. This is my "low progesterone" chart. Cycle day 23 (8 DPO), my progesterone was tested and came back as 5.7... It should be minimum 10, and ideal is 15. You can see the low progesterone in the short, light period at the beginning (of course, low progesterone last month) and in the 5 days of spotting before my new cycle began... I'm glad I had my Dr. test it!!! Now we can work toward fixing the problem :)


mce120210 wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Wed, Aug 17 2011 6:53 PM

Good Luck!!

cgraceseh wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Thu, Aug 18 2011 7:49 AM

thanks, this is really helpful.  my charts look a lot like this, and i usually have 8-9 days of spotting before my period.  but, since my LP was a normal length (12 - 15 days) and my temps were pretty high ( 98.0 - 98.6) that I couldn't have low progesterone.  judging from your chart and your diagnosis, it seems like i might.  i'm going to start npc in my LP next month and see how it goes.  I'd love to hear updates on how things go for you!

here's an example of my chart last month:  www.tcoyf.com/.../6.aspx

cgraceseh wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Mon, Aug 22 2011 9:23 AM

i just realized that link didn't work... here's a working link www.tcoyf.com/.../5.aspx

carrie2930 wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Tue, Aug 23 2011 10:44 PM

Cgraceseh - you could TOTALLY have low progesterone with as much spotting as you have!!! I'd say have your DR. do a progesterone test 7 days after you ovulate. . . my dr. is going to put me on clomid. Apparently, even though I have a thermal shift, my progesterone is so low that it's a "weak ovulation" and not possible to get pregnant. You have to have progesterone of at least 10 (and optimally above 15) at 7 DPO to sustain a pregnancy. Best of luck!!!!

cgraceseh wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Mon, Aug 29 2011 7:52 AM

Thanks Carrie2930!  I am going to try natural progesterone cream after O this month, but I also have a doctor's visit scheduled for a few weeks, and i'll ask for a progesterone test.  that's interesting about the 'weak ovulation', i wonder if that is what's going on with me too. i hope things go well with the clomid, GL!

mjoppie1 wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Thu, Sep 1 2011 4:42 PM

Hey Carrie 2930-

i am pretty new at charting but since i have been off birth control I seem to get spotting 5-7 days after ovulation every cycle. I always hold out hope that its implantation spotting but it always is a precursor to my period a week or so later. my luteal phase seems to be 12 days but last cycle was the first time i really tracked my cycle with BBT and i started mid cycle

- after looking at your chart is occurred to me it may be a progesterone issue- the other problem i have is that i'm with a HMO and they won't even make an appointment to talk to me about getting pregnant until I have been trying for a year- i have only been off birth control for about 5 months (and they know it) so my doctor just tells me to keep on trying and there is nothing more to do right now. .. . . .here is my chart:


do you mind taking a peek and telling me what you think?


myvirgoways wrote re: Low progesterone diagnosed
on Tue, Nov 15 2011 1:55 PM

Hey mjoppie1--if you are having signs of an irregular cycle, they will test you prior to one year of trying. I have the same problem with low progesterone. I have spotting before my period and my levels always come back low (7, 6 and then 9). HMOs are difficult, but the ones I looked into would allow me to use my ob/gyn as my general care practitioner, so that may be away around getting a referral from your normal doc! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!