BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!

BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
Wed, Aug 10 2011

I had bright red bleeding in the mornings when I spotted and I actually had a few very small clots as though AF was here, but the test says otherwise! At first, I thought I was out for sure because of the color and consistency of my spotting. With my DD, I had brown spotting for about 10 days, so seeing this type spotting seemed odd but I just thought it was just AF. After going past my 10 day LP, I KNEW something was up...looks like we are having #2 sometime in April :) Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!


saramdavis wrote re: BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
on Wed, Aug 10 2011 7:30 PM

Congrats! I'm on 11 DPO and I noticed today that I have lotiony CF.  I am concerned because the book says this might mean AF is within a few days.  I see, however, that you had CF on 12 DPO.  Gives me hope that it has nothing to do with AF.

iheartmotherhood85 wrote re: BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
on Wed, Aug 10 2011 10:21 PM

Thanks :)  Yes, I do have CF after the spotting and it seems to be increasing. I knew I was pg because I am now 2 days past my normal luteal phase length of 9-10 days. I would advise to watch for your BBTs to stay elevated longer than your normal luteal phase length, I read that that is a pretty good indicator of pregnancy! Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!

fairymist12 wrote re: BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
on Thu, Aug 11 2011 4:34 PM

Congrats!  Actually creamy cervical fluid is supposed to be an indicator of possible pregnancy.  "What to Expect Before You're Expecting."  According to that book anyway.  You can sometimes get very watery CF right before AF though which is different.

mkmcmackin wrote re: BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
on Sat, Sep 3 2011 2:53 PM

Congratulations! I hope everything is going well so far. Your chart and your description are giving me hope. I've had light brown spotting for the last 5 days. No BFP yet...I tested this morning (12 DPO) and got a BFN...still hopeful though. Did you have any issues with low progesterone, or did your spotting just go away on its own?

mbullertx wrote re: BFP w/ #2 at 12 DPO!!!
on Sun, Sep 4 2011 11:32 AM

Thanks for sharing.  I am 13 dpo and spotting with elevated temps.  I put a pad on just in case it gets heavier.  Seems like AF, but temps are confusing.