Too Short LP to Conceive?

Too Short LP to Conceive?
Wed, May 18 2011

I just started spotting,sign period will start tomorrow. This is my fourth period since the birth of our still breastfeeding 22 month old. What are my odds of conceiving next month? This is the first thermal shift I have had since getting my periods back.


arielk wrote re: Too Short LP to Conceive?
on Mon, May 23 2011 7:22 PM

I had a short luteal phase when ttc with our first. After 3 months of charting and no luck I did some investigating and found that it can be progesterone related. As a natural method to helping this issue I began taking Vitamin B6 pills daily for my 4 cycle PBC and I got pregnant!  Our little man is now 11 months.

ariesmom wrote re: Too Short LP to Conceive?
on Fri, Jun 3 2011 11:27 AM

Hi, Arielk,

I've just started taking Vitamin B6-100mg around mid cycle last month, May I ask how many mg did you take and how long did it take to start lengthen your LP? I am very curious and anxious. My LP is also very short that I actually start spotting 4-5 DPO. It's really bothering me.