Started Vitex mid-cycle

Started Vitex mid-cycle
posted by AshleySue
Mon, May 16 2011

I spent ALL of 2010 having irregular or anovulatory cycles. I saw a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in February (23) after being told by my OB-GYN in December that she thinks I have premature ovarian failure/insufficiency (POF/POI) and nothing will save me from menopause at the age of 30. The TCM doc put me on Vitex/Chaste tree berry and Royal Jelly to naturally stimulate my body to create its own progesterone and estrogen so that it may cycle on its own again. This is a 51 day cycle, very VERY much like EVERY cycle I had in 2010. However, my body does seem to be trying to regulate itself now (thanks to a TOTAL lifestyle overhaul!)


ice88 wrote re: Started Vitex mid-cycle
on Thu, Jun 23 2011 6:55 PM

i've long cycle tooo.. but i O'd.. last cycle i O'd on cd58. now i'am on CD1. i want to try vitex after my AF finish..