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lorasteph Posted: Wed, Jul 1 2009 5:39 PM

Triple Threats

A Group for Women 30+ TTC#1 after Loss(es)

What's a Triple Threat? The term "triple threat" often refers to someone or something powerful in sports (BDing) or war (TTCing). So, yes, we're 30+ TTC#1 after a loss. But on a more positive note, we're Triple Threats because we're strong, we're informed and we're united.

[red]New Members Welcome: If you are over 30, trying to conceive your first child and have suffered at least one pregnancy loss, we would love to have you join us. Just "post reply" and introduce yourself in a message. **Although few, please read the rules of the buddy group at the bottom of this header.**[/red]


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Woohoo July! Thanks, Lora!

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Last page of June thread!


Welcome!SmileRight Hug

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Brown spotting is more today. BFNs each day. I think this cycle is a bust. I am really disappointed. I don't know what to do or think. I told my husband we are going to fat camp over July and August. I just keep wondering if this is ever going to work.Sad
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jj67 replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 9:18 PM
Hi everyone. Sorry I've been so scarce lately, I've been having some work issues and I've been trying to enjoy the summer. I'll be a better buddy. I'm too behind on personals to even try to catch up [bl] but I wanted to give Tara a big [hug][hug]. I'm sorry this wasn't it. I'm hoping one of those frozen embabies works. Be good to yourself.

Lora - thanks for the new thread.

Right Hug
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lagika replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 10:02 PM
Tara- [hug][hug][hug][hug][hug]

Hi everyone else!
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Dizzy3202 replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 10:03 PM
Oh no Tara. Are you sure it might not be implantation spotting or something positive? I'm sorry either way! It's too much let down all the time. [hug][hug][hug][hug]

Suzanne-she told me not run because i have ying deficiencies. sorry you have to say goodbye to your duck. it's so hard to say good bye to pets especially after you get to know their personalities. we had a tortise that was hilarious but she got too big for our place. she was the size of a basketball when we got her but when she left she was more the size of a large pizza. she went to stay with my aunt who had a farm in texas. [bl]

today was my first sugar free day and i did much better than expected but man i wanted to scratch some eyeballs out this afternoon. i went and got a bunch of oats and nuts to make some granola to have something sweet to eat. i can have honey. every time i think about eating sugar i just think it's poisoning my ovaries and i think about babies. it's helping but it's only day 1!!!!
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joylene replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 10:33 PM
Lora - thanks for always taking care of dpoland for us. You rock and it's appreciated! [f]

Tara - I'm so so sorry about your bfns. [hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug] It's so not fair.

Julie - hi there. Sorry about the work issues and hope you've been able to enjoy the summer so far!

Amy - glad to know you're safe!

Cheri - I did sugar free for about 6 weeks (well, and it was wheat and dairy free too which was a lot!). I know of some yummy recipes using honey and there are some good blogs out there with desserts you can make using honey or stevia. Let me know if you want some links. You can do it!

Lea - sorry about Bebe. [hug][hug][hug][hug] I get really attached to animals too. So glad you have a good place to take her where she will have a good life. And hope you have a lot of fun at the BBQ this weekend. Sounds great! [bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd]

Sammy - hi there! Did you end up having the repeat SA yesterday? How did it go?

MJ - how's it going waiting for your IVF????

Jen - hope you're having a fabulous staycation! and still really happy for you. Right Hug

Sandra - thinking of you. [hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug] I hope your teeth are feeling better.

Shar - I saw you had a bday recently. How are you? We need an update! [f]Right Hug

Rox - sending you good thoughts. [f]

Robbyn - sending you good thoughts too! Right Hug

Geenie - hi back! Smile

and of course hello to anyone I may have missed!!!

AFM - I'm in the throes of another bad sinus infection and have had a fever to go with it so it's once again confirming why I'm having surgery. At least that's good! I went into work today b/c I didn't feel I could skip out on some new clients, but I'm taking a sick day tomorrow and I'm so relieved.

And I think I may have Time yesterday but not sure cause of the fever so I guess we'll see. Just hoping to get better so I can enjoy the fun weekend. Smile

Right HugRight HugRight HugRight HugRight HugRight Hug

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Started TTC Fall 06.  Angel 8/08 and chemical pregnancy 12/08

 If you're 30+, TTC#1 after loss(es), come drop by the Triple Threats for some tea & sympathy (over here...)

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Believe37 replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 11:20 PM
Happy July Threats [f]!

Tara - [hug][hug] I thought brown spotting was actually a good sign? I am holding out hope for your beta tomorrow [pr][pr]!

Sandra - [hug]'s for no answers on your last Angel, [hug]'s for the bike accident and [hug]'s for the sister's pg (even though it doesn't bother you). My younger sis is coming on Friday and I fully expect her #2 pregnancy announcement. I Right Hug her to pieces and also my nephew but he is about 6 weeks younger than my first should be so it is still painful...

Lea - hoping for good things for you [fc]!

JJ - I hear you on being busy with work and trying to enjoy the summer at the same time! Hey - thinking of going to a Sox game next Wednesday - thought you'd be proud of me [L]!

Amy - glad you guys are home safely - we missed you :)!

Cheri - I went sugar free for most of last year and aside from being as thin as I've ever been it didn't help me squat in the [bu] department. My acu didn't tell me to do it - it was all me with my nutrition reading and crazy programs I put myself on. My guy things everything in moderation - including wine [tu]. Anyway, hope you do well with it and that sucks on the no running - I gave that up too (back to the everything in moderation) but I do cheat on that every once in a while when I am feeling like a slug [L]! Hope your light [af] is no big deal.

Joylene - sorry you are sick [hug]! [tu] on the new RE - I like your plan! I just saw a hematologist and he is putting me on a lighter form of heparin called fragmin. I am [pr]'g it is our magic bullet [pr]!

Teresa - hi if you are reading this can you tell me if fragmin and lovenox that you were on are the same thing? Did you have a diagnosed clotting disorder for the lovenox? Just curious if there is anything I should know/worry about before trying this. TIA [f]!

Jen - YAY on hearing your [bu]'s Right Hug beat!!

Shar - [hug]'s for the wacky chart - did you go for a beta or something to bring on [af]? Thinking of you!

Lora - I need to get off my lazy butt and get on FB so I can see your sweet new pup. Maybe my sister will help me this weekend ([bl] that I am such a busy idiot I haven't had time to join you guys there yet!)

MJ - thanks for the emails and info [f]! I can't see your chart but you'd still be counting up cycle dates and after you start the pill you should start a new chart. Email me if you need any help figuring it out. I would definitely suggest charting so you can look back at this cycle for planning the next one (although I am [pr] you won't need another one!)

Sammy - hey, how are you buddy :)?

Robbyn - missed you in DC this week - hope you are having a nice vacation!

Geenie/Melisaa - will go spy on you two in grads soon if it will let me in (I swear it knows I am not pg so it doesn't let me in!). Miss you both!!

Kiwi - miss you girlie - where ya been??

Whew - hope I didn't miss anyone but if I did a big wave!

AFM - still ticking down the time before we start - thanks for tracking it with me in my chart! Talked to my RN today and we are doing a different protocol using Repronex vs. Menopur this time - whooo hooo a new drug to shoot up - can't wait [L]! Also, this is crazy but she told me she has Follistim that she will give to me for FREE. Praise the Lord that stuff is SO expensive!!! That's about it - sisters, cousins and kids all in Chi-town this weekend so it will be a busy one.

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Right Hug Rox
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lorasteph replied on Wed, Jul 1 2009 11:51 PM
Tara,[hug][hug][hug]'s Im hoping thoughRight HugRight HugRight Hug

Lea, [hug][hug][hug]'s on bebe too.

Sandra,[hug][hug][hug]'s I fully expect anytime now my younger sis will be telling me she is pg just hoping and praying IVF will do it for me THIS YEAR!Right HugRight HugRight Hug

Rox, I will post a few pics here tomm its just a pain because I have to load them in photobucket then i can post them here, but she is growing fast! Wishing you lots of [#][#][#][#][#][#]Right Hug and [tu][tu][tu]for free drugs!

Joylene, hope you feel better!Right HugRight Hug

Hi Teresa!Right Hug

Cheri, Im right there with you actually living on the GI diet is a good way to stay away from sugars too, and they have alot of good stuff to make!Smile

Hi Amy!Right Hug

Julie, Are you going to baseball games?Right Hug

Geenie, going to the dr next week!

Trying to keep up from hereSmileRight Hug

My Chart

Me 38 Dh 42,  We are Unexplained!

IVF Round II coming soon!

IVF BOUND 1st shot 11/20(Hoping for 3 great eggies)

12/6/09  Transfer 3!!!!! 12/16 Poas (BFN)

5 Failed IUI's 3 Fertility Injections, One Angel

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lagika replied on Thu, Jul 2 2009 11:43 AM
hey all!

I am glad to be back to being around more. I've missed you guys! Now for some bfps.... PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Cheri- good to see you back and sorry it's so hard. It's so hard and so not fair. I check your blog from time to time and I'm glad you had such a great experience with the foster girls. I worked for 2 1/2 years at a Honduran orphanage that we still hang out at a ton and in a lot of ways those kids were "mine". I had a hard time in the States doing social work jobs with kids who weren't.... I can't imagine having them in my house and then giving them up. But you rock! And no sugar man, you're my hero!

Rox- finally going to make my way over to your chart. Sorry I've been so MIA [bl]. Looks like everything's lining up perfectly for the IVF. [pr][fc][pr][fc][pr][fc][pr][fc][pr][fc]

Joylene- hope you caught the Time.

Lora- how are you doing? How much longer till IVF?

Tara- more [hug][hug][hug] for you.

Lea- I'm glad you've found a home for Bebe but so sad! We had baby squirrels whose mom was hit by a car when I was a kid and we took care of them till they were big enough to be out on their own and it was so hard letting them go!

Robbyn, Jen, MJ, Shar, Sammy- hi!
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real quick:

Hugs for Tara [hug][hug][hug]

Rox, the fragmin looks like another type of low-molecular-weight heparin, so similar to the lovenox but not identical. I do have MTHFR but not the "bad" one, my homocysteine was fine, but the RE put me on Lovenox anyway because he said that clotting disorders are sometimes "slippery" to diagnose, and given all my unexplained losses it was worth a try just in case.

Cheri, hope the sugar-free diet helps (and that you can stick to it!)

Hope everyone is well, love you all!
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Tara, [hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug] I hope you get a nice surprise. But I'm so sorry. [hug][hug][hug][hug]

Hi Lora!

Rox, [tu] for free drugs!!! Hoping that fragmin and your new protocol do the trick! [bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd]

Joylene, [&:] on the sinus infection & fever! I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your day off. Right HugRight Hug

Cheri, that's a BIG TURTLE! [L] Sounds like she needed a whole farm just for herself! Good luck with the sugar-free thing. I can imagine how hard it is. I'm trying to cut back too. Not doing a very good job though, so I think your day 1 is without sugar is GREAT! [tu]

Julie, glad you are enjoying summer!

Hi to everyone else! [f]
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Amy & Teresa - we cross posted. HI!!! Right HugRight Hug
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Lora - Thanks for the new DPO land. It looks great! Oh, and I'm [pr] so hard that IVF does it for you this year!!!!

Rox - Holy smokes, I've been missing the countdown on your chart. I can't believe you're down to 11 days![#][#][#][#][#][#]

Lea - Just stalked your chart and I'm [pr] for good news for you soon.[bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd][bd]

Joylene - I hope your sinus infection is getting better. Ugh. I'm glad your surgery is coming up soon and hope that you'll be rid of these bleeping things once and for all.

Cheri - Good for you with the no sugar. That's a bummer about the running. Are there other things you'll be able to do exercisewise?

Amy - Hope all is OK with you.

Julie - Glad you are enjoying the summer!

Tara - I'm really sorry.[hug][hug][hug][hug][hug][hug]

Hi to anyone else I missed from the June thread!

AFM: I'm feeling quite a bit better after the bike incident. Not 100% yet, but definitely better. I went to the dentist this a.m. and he didn't see any cracks in my tooth, which is good. It still hurts, but he said just to give it time and not to chew on it (which I haven't been).

I got my first [af] since my Angel Tuesday. It's so weird--I have zero cramps, so it kind of hit me unexpectedly. As far as TTC goes, we are definitely taking July off to recover mentally and physically. We don't have a plan for after that yet.

As far as work goes, I'm still in limbo since we lost the account I work on. For the past week or so they had a little competition to see which copywriter/art director team could create the best Halloween TV spot for a retailer so I took part in that just to keep myself busy/get the experience/show enthusiasm, etc., but I have no real work otherwise. I feel like I should go talk to HR, but maybe I'll wait a little longer and see if I don't get put on something after the holiday.

I just talked to my sister, and she's only 6 weeks and couple days and she's [:'(] already. It made me reassured for her pregnancy.

Other than that, our office closes today at 1:00 and I'm looking forward to the long weekend. DH is subbing on my beach volleyball team tonight since a lot of my team are gone, then we are going to the Cubs game either Saturday or Sunday, and grilling out with friends Saturday night. Not sure what else we'll do, but def. not bike riding! I keep having scary flashbacks of the accident pop into my head, and I'm like WTF, I wasn't in a war or anything, it was just a bike for pete's sake! But it still freaks me out.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!
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lagika replied on Thu, Jul 2 2009 12:44 PM
Sandra- oops! I could've sworn I'd said something to you in my post but I didn't. [bl] I've totally been thinking of you with your bike accident- what a crazy icky story.... what was that guy thinking?!

DH is working on projects at the house, the cleaning woman is cleaning and gonna cook us lunch, and I'm "working" from home. I don't feel that bad about the slacking, because 3 weeks in the States I worked nonstop and only had 1 day the whole time when I could get up without setting the alarm. So I might have to be lazy for a few more times before I get serious about working!
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Amy - sounds like you deserve some work at home worked very hard.

Sandra - sorry that you still are in limbo land for your work situation. Hopefully things get a lot more clear soon. Hope you have a great and relaxing long weekend that is very uneventful!

Teresa - hope you are enjoying your time at home. Always nice to have you around!!

Lora - looks like you are making great progress on your paradise backyard!! So fantastic.

Rox - yeah for free drugs!! I am sure it a sign of great things to come!!! Hope you have a great weekend...sounds busy!

Joylene - sorry for yet another sinus infection...wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope you get to stay home tomorrow as planned to rest and relax!

Cheri - yeah for a good acu session....I love it! Sorry for the sugar free status but you can so do it!

Julie - big wave hello

Tara - a thousand [hug] to you. It is just so unfair and it sucks. Sad I really am so sorry.

Lea - sorry to hear about Bebe but it's so great that you were able to find her a great new home!

Hi to anyone I missed!!

AFM - enjoying my staycation...pretty boring but that is great!!! Off to a pedicure appt today and accu tomorrow. I could totally get used to not working....drat that DH isn't secretly a multi-millionaire!

Much much Right Hug to everyone!!
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Geenie replied on Thu, Jul 2 2009 3:32 PM
Tara [hug][hug][hug], I wish they could be IRL [hug]. I'm still hoping. Lots of Right Hug to you.

Sandra- YIKES! OUCH! on your bike accident. How painful and what a stupid, stupid kid for doing that to you.

Lora- ooooh I can't wait to hear how the Dr goes!

Lea- Sorry about having to give up your duck.Sad I get so attached to pets too.

Joylene- another infection! You definitely need the surgery like you said. Hopefully this will be your last sinus infection for a long, long, long time. Wink

Any of you guys hooked on "So you think you can dance?" I'm not a big reality/game show fan but I Right HugRight Hug this show.

A big hello to those I missed [f]
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bobaby replied on Thu, Jul 2 2009 11:14 PM
Hi all-

Tara- so sorry. I hear your frustration. Wish we could do something to make it better. Sending [hug][hug]

Lora- great work, as always

Lea- Sorry about your ducky, but better that she be safe from critters- they ate my granny's chickens!

Cheri- be strong on the sugar thing. The first 48 hrs are the worst, by the way. After a while you sort of get used to it and the craving stops. I feel a lot better now off it, (mostly!)

Amy- hope you are letting everyone there know they have to behave b/c bambino on board!

Joylene- bummer on the sinus thing. Hopefully won't impact your Time

Sandra- so sorry for the run of bad luck. Sometimes seems to come in 3s. Let's look for something good to happen next.

Jen- congrats on your good visit.

Rox- wha-hoo on the free drugs to shoot up. Wait, that sounds bad, let me rephrase... Any financial break, even a small one, in this process is to be celebrated and sung to the rafters.

Lora- when do you start? Anxiously awaiting, but not as anxiously as you, I'm sure.

Teresa- knew you would have an answer, you're like our mama around here.

Sandra- I'm imagining you chewing around your tooth. Poor thing. Sounds like you still need some TLC. I'm glad you can be happy for your sister.

Jen- your stay cation sounds great, and probably super good for you and the munchkin. good call.

Geenie- my dancer friend says that show is AMAZING. Haven't watched myself. I prefer medical mayhem myself. Time to go watch Bones. Probably much better for a pregnant lady to watch talent and happiness than mayhem!Smile

AFM: DF wasn't ready to do the SA on Tuesday, so we went to our new RE appointment yesterday without it(Thanks for those who asked!) Good news is, we both REALLY liked her, and are never going back to the first jerk. My U/S had a better lining than I did in April (acu?), and 15 follicles, which she said was better than she expected. Unfortunately, there was a shadow on the U/S she said could be a fibroid, or maybe even a uterine septum. This hasn't been seen on either of my 2 other U/S. Sad We came away with a plan: if SA is >8-10 million good swimmers, we'll move on to HSG, clomid, and IUI next month. If SA no good, looking at hysteroscopy and then IVF when we're ready. The idea of anesthesia and IVF makes my newbie self slightly hysterical at this point. So, one week at a time. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work on getting healthy, de-stressing and letting go... Somehow I feel like the key is inside me and all these interventions won't work if I don't deal with my own stress.
[bd]to all,

Baby Boy 2011. 

DD expected 1/15


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