Triple Threats 30+, TTC#1 w/ loss(es) - January 2011

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SBR26.2 replied on Mon, Jan 31 2011 6:17 PM | Locked

Wow, it was busy today!

Susannah - good luck at your dermatologist appt tomorrow.  I hope they don't find any more cancer.  I think testing Wednesday would be good, or even wait another day if you aren't sure.

Sarah - I'm jealous that your DH is in PR too!  Must me much warmer down there.  Not good timing for him to be gone though.  When does he get back?  How are you feeling this week?  I hope Wednesday comes quickly for you.

Steph - I'm sorry your doc was so insensitive today.  My OB didn't do anything except give me a referral to see the RE for my testing.  Depending on your insurance, you may need a referral from your primary care doctor or not at all.  I didn't need a referral, so I could have just gone on my own if I wanted to.  You could always try getting a referral from your primary care doctor if that's what you need and skipping the OB.  Most RE's are either in the 3 m/c or 2 m/c camp when it comes to testing.  So if you need to, just find one that will test after 2.  When I met with the midwife at my clinic, she said she didn't think I had anything to worry about, since "these things happen and back in my day, no one would have known that early" but would give me the referral anyway since I seemed upset about it.  Gee thanks, but it worked.  I don't think you need to wait multiple cycles for what is referred to as a 'chemical' pg.  In some cases, a woman might not even know about it, so I don't see the harm in not taking a break or just taking 1 month off.
You are certainly not overreacting.  Considering your family history, you need to do what's right for you.  What will make you comfortable.  I would recommend finding out from your insurance company what type of referral you need to see an RE (if anything) and then see how you can go about getting it.   

Holly - sorry you aren't feeling great today.  Hope you can get some rest and feel better soon! 

AFM - 9 dpo.  Temp way up this morning.  We'll see how it holds out for the rest of this week.  I went to Syracuse today and my trip to Buffalo on Wednesday was cancelled because of the snow storm.  I'm working tomorrow during the day and probably until 10pm or so, and then I can work remotely on Wednesday.  I think DH has to go in both days, so I'll probably be the one out snowblowing so he can leave on Wednesday morning. 

So the big annoucement at work...drumroll....Complete Reorg.  Annouced Senior VPs and above today.  Combining 3 different Lines of Business into one group.  Will be doing a staffing process between now and July for the rest of the employees.  No interviews, no postings, just pick who you want working for you.  Most likely decentralizing all the groups that they just centralized 2 years ago.  And....20% of non-union employees will be layed off between now and August...!!! 

So of course DH is worried because his Senior VP wasn't selected.  So he isn't sure if his boss will get selected and is worried about where he will end up, if anywhere.  I'm worried because I'm the manager for our department's function in Upstate NY, but I'm centralized in MA, so I could be out of luck too if they decentralize.  Yikes.  Today was awful, no one was actually doing any work.  No

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sblake001 replied on Mon, Jan 31 2011 6:42 PM | Locked

Ramona- Sorry about the uncertainty from today, but awesome temp jump.  Have you decided when you are going to test?  I'm feeling fine today, no real symptoms to speak of.  My FRER was definitely darker than yesterday, so hopefully it continues that way. Get some sleep tonight to rest up for your long day tomorrow.  How much more snow are you guys going to get?


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SBR26.2 replied on Mon, Jan 31 2011 8:25 PM | Locked

Sarah - good to hear that your FRER is getting darker.  I've never had that happen.  The first time they got lighter each day and the second time they just stayed the same the whole time.  I am trying to hold off on my FRERs until Thursday but maybe do some IC's before that if I get the urge.  We are supposed to get a total of 18-24" of snow Tuesday & Wednesday.  It might start snowing before the morning commute on Tuesday which will make the drive wonderful!  Ugh. 

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jenno replied on Mon, Jan 31 2011 8:58 PM | Locked

Holly--Thank you for the luck! The call actually went better then I thought, but not what I expected. First, I questioned the waiting to try again. She didn't realize I had started bleeding, so had told the nurse that I need to wait, based on not actually m/cing yet, and needing to have a 0 quant. I told the nurse that I was bleeding when she called earlier, but instead of saying she needed to check with the doc, she went with the original recommendation of waiting. erghghhg, so that was a lot of upset for nothing. The dr said to come in Thursday for a quant, assuming it is 0, then to go ahead and try as soon as I am ready.

As for testing, she explained that because I m/c at very different times, there are likely very different causes. Thus not wanting to explore anything, due to not having the same thing happen twice. Her "feeling" is it is essentially bad luck that I have experienced both, and to go forward without any intervention. I guess I sort of understand what she is saying, but psychologically I wish I felt more like I was "doing" something.

I wish I had talked directly to the doc to begin with, although I'm not 100% happy now, I might have avoided the tizzy the nurse put me into earlier.

We might need to average our DH's...mine has worse concerns over age then I do, which feeds into my age problems. Sounds like yours and mine need to meet in the middle somewhere!

Teresa-I just started charting last cycle, before that I was just using OPK's. My chart last cycle was great, no surprises based on my physical signs and OPK. Yeah, I ovulate very regularily, and my LP is about 12 days. Thank you for the link!

Sarah-That is excellent that your FRER got darker this morning!

Susannah-I agree--it also seems like I should be given the option if we want to pay for a test, instead of not making it available. If one of my dogs has a problem, I have a choice of how extensive I want to go with investigating things. I don't know why with human medicine it is so much harder to be an advocate.

SBR26.2 (Ramona?)-I don't understand the whole blaming the test thing either! I realize if our tests weren't as sensitive, we wouldn't know we were losing these pregnancies. ..but isn't that like saying if we didn't have things like MRI we wouldn't have as much early diagnosed breast cancer? Just because we don't know about it, doesn't mean it isn't why can it be dismissed because we are aware?

Oh wow, huge happenings at your work, huh? That is so stressful, do you and DH work for the same company? My DH and I do and we constantly have anxiety when "reorganizations" happen. The past couple of years have been so stressful. I hope things settle down quickly for you!

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Purple77 replied on Tue, Feb 1 2011 8:16 AM | Locked

February thread is up!  You may start posting in it now.

This current thread will be locked so that we don't accidentally post on here, and I'll post a link to this thread in the new one so that everyone remembers where we left off.

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If you're 30+, TTC#1 after loss(es), come drop by the Triple Threats for some tea & sympathy (over here...)

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