Second Helpings – TTC #2+

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Second Helpings – TTC #2+

TTC #2 or more after infertility

This group is for mothers of at least one child conceived after infertility, or women experiencing secondary infertility who are now TTC #2 or beyond.

Our Members

betz77 - TTC#2

Secondary IF w/high FSH (poss Premature Ovarian Failure) Baby Girl07

Cheri (blueangelmilw) - TTC#2

Baby Girl Oct 2008 (2nd IVF), 3 Angel, age-related IF

Deb (debdebdebby13) - TTC#2

PCOS Baby GirlJune 2006
Jennifer (Jennifer_MLT) - TTC#2

Kristina (Threeprinces) - TTC#4

Hashimoto's disease but otherwise unexplained, RPL 6Angel, Baby Boy01, Baby Boy04, Baby Boy06

Lynn (mommymaybe) - TTC#2

Mary Beth (gapeach427) - TTC#2

PCOS, as well as only one ovary and tube

Shannon (capricornmommy07) - TTC#2

MFI, Thyroid Antibodies, & LPD AngelAngel05, & Baby Boy07

Tara (Amelias Mom) - TTC#2

Mild MFI, Stage IV Endo Baby Girl'06 via IVF

Members MIA - Please Check In

Ginger (gingerrs) - TTC#2

Hannah (MulberryMomma) - TTC#2

Isis - TTC#

Jenn (MarathonGirl) - TTC#2

Kim (Kim919) - TTC#2

Lea Ann - TTC#2


Monique (strawberry2860) - TTC#2

Angel12/06, Angel2/07, Angel6/07, Angel11/07

nattymcgoo - TTC#2

Tina (Tintail) - TTC#3

Success Stories

Shelley (Ambivalent Dreams) - expecting #2 8/10
neuroendocrine disorder with hypothalamic dysregulation, breastfeeding Baby Girl'07

Carol (Swtbtrcup)

chiefmir - expecting #3 - EDD 8/18/10

Ann (agness13) - expecting #2 - EDD 8/16/10
Fibroid/s, post-vasectomy reversal MFI, LPD, breastfeeding Angel'04,Angel'05, Baby Boy'07