Cycle #2 BFP 11DPO Due 12/30/2012!!! Symptoms, pics etc...

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11two11 Posted: Fri, Apr 20 2012 6:44 PM | Locked

I am currently on 12 DPO  with a BFP and I wanted to share my symptoms & chart with others who are in the 2WW & interested in comparing...

My period Started 3/25/2012, I ovulated CD 15. On my ovulation day I experienced painful ovulation and stabbing on my left side and was very bloaded and crampy. I used fresh donor sperm & did 4 home insemination this cycle. I also used an instead soft cup on one of the days, and preseed internally on all 4 days (not sure if this helped or made a diff). Following each insem, I brought myself to an orgasm (srry tmi) immediately after and laid with my bum propped for at least 1 hour. 

To be honest, I actually had more symptoms on my 1st cycle than I did with this one. I swore up and down I was preg the first round and ended up with AF & BFN.

Here is my chart: 

My temps stayed in the low 97F before my period & mid 97F after O, then spiked up to the 98's F after implantation and has remained. 

I got my BFP on CD 11 early morning about 6:30am with an internet cheapie (very very very faint positive) which raised an eyebrow so I went out to buy some clearblue blue dye lined tests. I tested again the same day and got an immediate clear BFP. On CD 12 I woke up and took another on the internet cheapie and still a very very very faint line, tested with another clearblue and got a darker immediate positive. Went out the same day (12 dpo 3pm) and bough a dollar tree test and a clearblue digital test. The dollar tree test showed a very very very slight light line and the clearblue digital showed an immediate "pregnant" Smile  I'm still in shock!

A little info and symptoms:

I inseminated on CD 12 PM, CD 13 PM, CD 14 AM ( 1 day before ovulation), CD 15 AM (ovulation day). I used preseed each day because for some reason this cycle I didn't have ewcm (fertile cm).

1-10 DPO I had no symptoms at all besides little twinges here and there. I did notice a head cold type flu like symptoms on 8-10 DPO but thought nothing of it.

11 DPO I woke up feeling ran over by a freight truck very exaughsted. I experienced stabbing crampy pains on my left side of and on. I also continued to have the head cold symptoms (stuffy nose etc), and hot flashes. 

12 DPO (today) I have an increased appetite, a little more energy, I have some body aches, and cramping like AF is coming but every time I run to the bathroom and wipe there is nothing there except for creamy/lotiony cm. 

I had absolutely no spotting in my TWW besides spotting on CD16 which was the day after ovulation.

PICTURES OF THE BFP ( The clearblue hpt at the top was from 11DPO, the middle clearblue hpt was 12DPO AM, and the bottom digital was 12DPO 3pm (today). I didn't bother posting the internet cheapies or the dollar tree tests because the lines are so slight that you can't see them. 

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Bethie replied on Fri, Apr 20 2012 7:13 PM | Locked


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LAP-BAND worked....lot 70lbs 

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dj rayne replied on Fri, Apr 20 2012 8:39 PM | Locked

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