how many days past ovulation should I wait to take an early pregnancy test?

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superlove Posted: Tue, Feb 14 2012 3:32 PM

Hello ladies,


I just wanted to check how many days past ovulation to start testing with an early pregnancy test.  I don't want to test too early, but also want to test as soon as it would show a positive.


THanks so much!

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jillianwantstobeamom28 replied on Tue, Feb 14 2012 6:25 PM

hi superlove, it's actually different for everyone.  Some women take longer to get a positive result than others, as the level of hormones in each person varies.  You can't have a positive until after implantation, which happens between 5-12 dpo (usually around 10 days past ovulation).  Most of us around here try to wait until at least 10 dpo, but the recommendation is that you wait until you're late for your period.  It's tough seeing negatives, so I like to hold out as long as I can.  Good luck!  

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zzdeleted62686 replied on Tue, Feb 14 2012 6:51 PM

Jillian is right.  If you can't stand to see a negative, wait until 18DPO to test or if you get your period (AF) before then you'll know.  It is understand that you want to know as soon as it is positive but that is impossible to know because implantation happens over several days after ovulation and then it takes a few days past that for the HCG hormone to secreat enough for it to be detectible on an early pregnancy test (First Response Early Result is the best and detects down to I think 25 HCG).  It would be realistic to possibly see something around 10DPO but if you want to eliminate a few days of possibly unnecessary negative results when you happen to actually be pregnant I'd wait until 12 or 14 DPO in hopes that you see a very faint second line.

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superlove replied on Tue, Feb 14 2012 8:02 PM

thanks so much for the advice

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dj rayne replied on Wed, Feb 15 2012 4:43 AM

Implantation starts about 7-8DPO. Early would be 6DPO. Blood begins to pick up hCG once implantation starts and is typically in the urine two days later. Whether or not it will register on a test at 8-9DPO is entirely dependent on the amt of hCG and the sensitivity of the test. It would have to be an early test that measures under 10 that early.  I know of only one test that has a guaranteed test sensitivity of under 10 and it is by WebWomb. Most still wouldn't see a line until later. We all process hCG at different rates and our urine may or may not reflect the rise until after 10 or 12DPO. You'd still need to use an early test at this point  but a negative wouldn't mean no PG necessarily. By 14DPO you should know with an early test. If there is still no AF and this is your normal AF time (or past) then it may be you have concentration issues or your ovulation date was off. By 18DPO and a confirmed O (best is to have others look at your chart with you to see if there was a miscalculation) then time for a beta if any PG test is still BFN. Now if you are one that takes progesterone supplements then AF can be held off indefinitely so my advice would be to either get a beta for piece of mind or by 18DPO with - HPT stop the supplement.

ETA as an FYI  to add the process of implantation takes up until about 15DPO to complete. This is just basic math and there is a range of normal but to give you an idea if implantation started on 6DPO early AM and by late PM you had gone from 0 to 2

7DPO - hCG 4  Would show on a blood draw

8DPO - hCG 16

10DPO - hCG 32 Urine picks up hCG two days after it shows in the blood on average so it would be there by now

Keep in mind urine levels are lower than blood levels. hCG enters blood first urine second. It leaves the same way. This is a reason some chemicals show a line with low betas.

12DPO - hCG 64 Many of the early tests pick up lower than the guarantee so there are some that see a line at this point and may actually pick up earlier

14DPO - hCG 128 An early test should have a dark line by now as most are in the 20mIU range and a standard test should show a line of some sort.

16DPO - hCG 256 A regular Drs office test or non early type test should have a good line by this point as they are in the 50mIU range.  Implantation is complete at this point.

18DPO - hCG 512

Keep in mind this is just for demonstration and women that started to implant at 6DPO or that had better than the 48 hr double or just metabolize it better and concentrate it more will be the ones to see early results. Many women though will see a faint line by 12DPO with an early reliable test. This chart is from BetaBase My assumption is that there are women that don't know their DPO and are basing it on LMP or cycle length mixed in with women that chart and are reliably sure about DPO along with the normal range of variation to be expected. Median for 10DPO falls in line with 6-7DPO implantation.

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superlove replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 3:20 PM

this is very helpful info!  Thanks again for taking the time to respond!


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heatherbushead replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 5:11 PM

I didn't get a + pregnancy test until my period was late.  I had a negative test 3 days before. Smile

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superlove replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 9:28 PM

I broke down and used my First Response Early pregnancy test this morning, 9DPO, and got a BFN... I know it's definitely too early, and I know I should have waited because it's always  a little disappointing to see the negative, but I just can't control myself :-))))


thanks again for all the helpful info!

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