Cervix Stuck At 9.5 CM With First Two Deliveries....What Are My Chances This Time?

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jellybelly2121 Posted: Sun, Feb 5 2012 1:13 PM

For my first two children my cervix got stuck at 9.5 centimeters during the dilation process.  With the first delivery it was stuck for over an hour and with the second a good 30-40 min. What are the chances this is going to happen with my third? Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks, ladies!!!!

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mskalinin replied on Sun, Feb 5 2012 3:33 PM

What were your circumstances at the time? Were you on epidural? Were you mobile? Did Dr/Midwife have you change position?

I was at 9.5 cm, and my doctor said I just had a little lip of cervix on one side. She had me lay on that side and during a contraction she kind of rubbed that area of my cervix. Didn't feel good at all but with that one contraction the lip went away and I was a full 10cm and ready to push. She said it is usually because of a non-semetrical uterus or because of the way the baby is coming down. My little guy was coming out facing my left and that is where the lip was.

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want1more replied on Sun, Feb 5 2012 6:29 PM

All three of my labors, I haven't dilated past 9 cm.  The nurse just holds the lip back while I lie on my side and I push away.  Pushing is fast for me, too. 

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flayre replied on Sun, Feb 12 2012 9:19 PM

It's not that your cervix was necessarily stuck at 9.5, I think it's more likely your body had something else it had to take care of first before dilating completely. Could have been you needed to make more colostrum or a slightly different mix of hormones before you finished dilating.

This is one thing that really irks me about when doctors freak out about someone "failing to progress." Yes, there are true case of failure to progress, but the more likely scenario is what i've stated above and that if left alone, the body will get back to dilating when it's ready.

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Araylee replied on Mon, Feb 20 2012 5:53 PM

I'm with Flayre. Every woman is different, every labor is different, every baby presents differently. There is often a "rest and breathe" stage toward the end of active labor where things kind of spread out a little bit and you get a break before pushing. My fourth kid, my contractions never got closer than four minutes apart, yet I managed to push out a baby. But if you'd asked a nurse, I was still in early labor!


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flayre replied on Sun, Feb 26 2012 10:00 PM

I should also point out that while it's very tempting to have a doctor or midwife push back a lip or push a cervix that's only to 9.5, it's also very risky. You can actually tear the cervix, which is a huge problem. Try not to give in to the "oh, but if i let him/her push my cervix to open just that last little bit, then I'll get to meet my baby sooner" feelings and just let your body do what it needs to do.

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