Anyone tried 'Progestelle' progesterone oil?

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aimee.lou Posted: Sun, Aug 21 2011 4:35 AM


Have any of you ladies tried Progestelle? On the website they claim to be superior to NPC. I've just started using NPC this month and finding that I am suffering from a lot of constipation and bloating....not fun! I googled 'NPC side effects' and stumbled on the Progestelle website.....I'm just not sure how superior it really is as I've never heard of it and it doesn't seem to be mentioned on here at all.


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dj rayne replied on Sun, Aug 21 2011 5:44 AM

Emerita seems to be one of the most mentioned. I like it, all natural, reasonably priced,on Dr Lees list, comes in single use packets which make dosing easy. I can't remember the other but I'm sure someone will pipe up. Progestelle is expensive both to buy and ship. It doesn't have a preservative of any type and if not kept properly coconut oil I find goes rancid quick. The Emerita uses Vit E and no parabens. It uses safflower oil and sweet almond as the carrier. People with nut allergies would need to use caution. Progestelle uses coconut which could present problems to those with nut allergies also. They do offer a version in grape seed or olive oil so that would be a plus for some. ETA to add that I use prometrium some months and do not use the progest at the same time. The cycles with prometrium have it listed most other cycles used this cream.

Another is Oasis Serene - organic, no artifical ingredients, I think Vit E and rosemary oil as preservatives. I haven't seen it for sale lately.

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