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SFBabyMaker Posted: Mon, Jun 20 2011 4:08 PM

I found out on Friday that I have low ovarian reserve (only 7 follies were there during my scan) and that it will be fairly difficult to get pregnant on my own without some sort of assistance.  My DH and I are moving onto a Letrozole/IUI cycle if I don't get a BFP at the end of this cycle.  I'm curious if you:

1) Did Letrozole/IUI and if so how many attempts did it take to get pregnant?

2) Did Letrozole/IUI and didn't get pregnant and if so how many attempts and what did you do next to get pregnant?  Are you pregnant currently?

3) What was your diagnosis?

Thanks in advance!  Flowers

I'm just trying to get a sense of how much I should hope that this will work before having to consider IVF.  Trying to stay positive!

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TrantAD replied on Mon, Jul 18 2011 7:13 AM

Hi SF! I started my first Letrozole cycle this month and am 12DPO and still nothing. I am also on pg. suppositories and they mimic pregnancy symptoms, so I can't say for sure what is going on. :) The meds are fine; in fact, better than Clomid, in regards to your lining.

As far as I know, I am "normal"......just not pregnant after a year. I have done a gammit of tests and hubby is good too. Unexplained and frustrated is my current diagnosis! :)

Just wanted to send you many, many sticky dust vibes in hopes that this month is your BFP month.



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SFBabyMaker replied on Tue, Jul 19 2011 11:46 PM

Thanks, Ashlyn!  I hope you get your BFP soon.

I start on progesterone suppositories myself tonight so thanks for the heads up on the side effects!

Keep us posted on your BF?...!!

Me: 35 and my DH: 43

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July 2011 - IUI #1 on July 18 - BFN

August 2011 - IUI #2 on August 14 - BFN

November 25, 2011 - BFP before moving onto IVF

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ThreePrinces replied on Wed, Jul 20 2011 10:34 AM

Unfortunately, Letrozole (Femara) never worked for me.  Well, it depends on how you define "worked."  I ovulated every time, got 1 big lovely mature follie every time.  But I never got pregnant on it.  Same with Clomid, though...oral meds never cut it for me.  Injectables did.

We tried Femara/IUIs um...5 times, I think? 

I have a "sorta" diagnosis of PCOS.  they've never been entirely sure what my problem is so they just slapped on a label of PCOS because my testosterone was high.  It didn't exactly fit, though.

I'd try a couple of rounds of injectables/IUI before jumping straight into IVF, if I were you.  I wouldn't spend too much time on the oral meds and IUI.

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zzdeleted62686 replied on Wed, Jul 20 2011 12:38 PM

Hi there -

I'm on my first round of Letrozole and Follistim injectibles and if I'm going to ovulate on my side with a tub I'll have an IUI this cycle.  (I have unicornuate uterus, two ovaries but only one tube connected to my right side).  I have lots of follicles in there as my RE see's the 'string of pearls' but I don't have PCOS.

I'll find out tomorrow how I'm responding to the Letrozole and Follistim for my CD8 ultrasound.  I've been taking Letrozole since CD3 and Follistim since CD5.  No real side effects except I guess bloating, but it might be the poor food choices this week. Ha!

I'm still spotting, argh, which I'll try and find out why tomorrow at my apt as I was told my spotting issues should go away with all these drugs.

We're told our chances are quite good with concieving using the IUI with meds.  Hubby's sperm is great and I don't have any egg production issues....just an ovulation issue aside from having half a uterus which isn't suppose to impact my ability to ovulate.


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Sammy1 replied on Wed, Jul 27 2011 11:34 PM

Hi SF! I ran across this post again and I am now qualified to answer some of your questions, although I'm not sure how much I will help you?

This last cycle I did my first IUI with Letrozole 2.5 mg CD 3-7 + Ovidrel 250 mcg trigger and didn't get pg. I had no side effects from the Letrozole and plan to try it again. I had a great response with it (2 great follies, which RE wanted, at most) and we found out at our IUI appt that DH's low motility was reversed! So I'm hopeful this will eventually work for us.

My dx is unclear, one RE (who I didn't like) said mild PCOS and my current one (who I love) said it looks more like hypothalamic amenorrhea. Either way, I do ovulate on my own and have a 14-day LP but I just have delayed O (which likely affects egg quality); my cycles naturally are 40-90 days long, although TCM shortened/regulated them somewhat (40-50 days). As mentioned, we've also been dealing with MFI until this past cycle.

Well, I see you're in your tww now...I wish you the best of luck! I've seen lots of people on here who have gotten their BFP after only one IUI.  Baby Dust to you!!

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