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Welcome to, the official website for the Fertility Awareness software that has been specifically designed as a companion to my book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Toni WeschlerFor those of you who are not yet familiar with the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), I would encourage you to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility in order to fully appreciate the powerful tools that are found at this site. The software available here was created to enlighten you about your body in general, and more specifically, the truly wondrous hormonal symphony that comprises your menstrual cycle. In so doing, you will learn an amazing amount about your overall gynecological health, and more specifically, how to time intercourse in order to dramatically increase your chances of conception.

As readers of my book already know, Fertility Awareness is a remarkable system of knowledge that uses your two basic fertility signs -waking temperature and cervical fluid- to accurately gauge when you are ovulating. Such critical information serves as a window into your cycle, empowering you to practice effective natural birth control or pregnancy achievement, as well as to enlighten you on the entire array of life's menstrual mysteries. Indeed, charting your cycles with FAM will show you, among other things:

  • The difference between perfectly normal, cyclical cervical secretions and true vaginal infections.
  • When to expect your next period.
  • Whether or not you are even ovulating.
  • Whether or not you are pregnant.
  • Your true due date, if in fact you are!

It is unfortunate that the Fertility Awareness Method is even referred to as a method, because in reality, it should be seen as a fundamental life skill that all women should learn, just as they are now taught basic feminine hygiene. This is because the practical knowledge women glean from charting their cycles will aid them from puberty to menopause, and all life phases in between.

While this vital information has been slow to disperse into the mainstream, the good news is that things are finally starting to change. A grassroots movement has begun to spread among women everywhere, which I would like to think is reforming women's health one fertility chart at a time.

I also suspect that a major catalyst for FAM's increased exposure is the emergence of the amazing types of software programs that are found at a site like this. There is a certain irony here, since those of you who have read Taking Charge of Your Fertilityknow that I've always emphasized that Fertility Awareness is an incredibly natural and low-tech process that ultimately requires just a pen, paper and thermometer. And that's still true. However, the brilliant programmers at Ovusoft have shown me the powerful advantages of digitizing the process.

By charting your cycles online, you will now be able to do the following:

  • Automatically analyze your temperature and cervical fluid, set your coverline, apply the Rule of Thumb, and identify your thermal shift.
  • Keep track of your unique cycle history, including average cycle length, luteal phase length, and shortest and longest cycles.
  • View your fertility cycles in either calendar or chart form.
  • Easily track a variety of health-related concerns, from monthly breast self-exams to the drugs and vitamins that you are taking.
  • Generate vivid and clear charts that can be easily e-mailed to your doctor, friends, and Internet fertility community for further analysis.

Of course I hope you'll soon discover that your own Fertility Awareness community is right here at With its exceptional software, myriad of specialized bulletin boards and chats, and excellent educational content, I believe that you have found the best place to share your experiences. And I am delighted to see that there is already more FAM-related wisdom, moral support and truly interested women here than anywhere else on the web.

I wish you all the very best,