Start Charting Your Fertility

Whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or for the fourth time, knowing when you are fertile can help reduce the time it normally takes by half. Charting your fertility signs with TCOYF will simplify the process by automatically identifying your fertile phase each cycle based on the signs you enter, using the method as described in Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

If you can take your temperature, you can easily chart your fertility signs and reduce your time to conceive.

There are three options available for charting:

Option 1: Chart Online

Chart your fertility online from almost any browser (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari).

Share your charts easily with your family and friends, and compare them with others in our online chart galleries.

All of your data is kept on our servers, so there is no backing up for you to do, and your data is available anywhere you have a web connection.

Online charting is available in both free and paid premium versions.

The free version is ad-supported and displays your most recent cycles (within the past 90 days).

Premium charting displays unlimited charts and is free of advertising. Paid plan prices start at less than $1.50 a month. More information on subscriptions to Premium Charting is available here

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Option 2: Chart on Your PC

This is the original PC-based TCOYF application that can be downloaded and installed on your Windows computer.

Once downloaded and installed, the software and data resides on your PC and does not require an Internet connection in order to be used.

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A free 15-day trial is available by clicking this link.

Option 3: Chart Manually

Prefer to do things manually? Download PDF copies of the master charts found in Taking Charge of Your Fertility and fill them in by hand.

There are 9 different formats available, covering both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature charts, and include Pregnancy Achievement and Birth Control options.

Click here to select your format and download.